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Hi, I’m Renato, and I am a professional translator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the owner of TJURADO Translation Services.


I am a specialist in these areas:


- Portuguese – English  

- Portuguese – Italian


- English - Spanish

- English – Italian 

- English – Portuguese


- Spanish – English


- Italian – English


And my team is qualified to translate any language to English and English to Any language.


I also worked with product marketing for a Brazilian legal company for almost ten years and during the past 10 years, I have also taken courses and certifications in copywriting, medical and legal translations.


I’ve been translating for Home Office, British Universities, and Italian Consulate in London since 2010.


Registered and qualified by the UK Institute of Translators and Interpreters,, since 2009.


Registered with the Italian Consulate in London.

Premier Business Centre

47-49 Park Royal Road, London

NW10 7LQ

Atendimento somente com hora marcada!

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©  2010 Renato Trevine / All Rights Reserved 

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