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Do you need help to register your AIRE in the UK?

If so, call us now on 0208 133 0010

AIRE, which is the Registry of Italian Citizens Residing Abroad, was established by law 470/1988 and it contains all personal data and information of Italian citizens residing abroad and is required to be registered according to the Italian legislation.

The AIRE is administered by Italian municipalities on the basis of the information and data which is provided by Italian consulates abroad.

You must register with the AIRE if you decide to reside abroad for more than 12 months or if you acquire Italian citizenship “Jure Sanguinis” and your permanent address is outside of Italy.

Registering with the AIRE allows Italian nationals to access several services which are provided by the Italian consulate that covers the jurisdiction where you reside.

The entitlement if you have a registered AIRE:

Applying for a passport or renewing one;

Registering one’s vital records (i.e., marriage and divorce certificates, and children’s birth certificates);

Receiving documents and papers from the consulate by post or mail.

If you need help with your registration, please call us on 0208 133 0010 or by email:

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